Wedding Film Photography for me just has that beautiful real magical soul feeling you cannot replicate using digital, this year (2019) I have been shooting so much more 35mm Film and Medium Format and I love the results and so do my clients so I am now going to shoot so much more alongside digital work, I have a few upcoming weddings that want me to shoot almost 100% film so please get in touch if you fancy your wedding shot this way.

I love the excitement I get when I get an email from my lab to tell me my negatives have been scanned and ready to view, shooting film, I slow down, think about my shot much more and I know this has improved the way I shoot and as a photographer.

Each frame cost money as you cannot check the back of the camera like digital where you can just overshoot a frame, I love this challenge.

Shooting film is an art form!!

I have so many camera’s for this and the ones I use the most are: Leica M6 | Contax G2 | Contax T3 | Plaubel Makina 67 | Polaroid Land Camera 180 and a Rolleiflex 2.8F and numerous other cameras.

You can see Lily & Joe’s wedding shot fully on film HERE

If you looking for Wedding Film Photography please get in touch for more information HERE