Wow Damo! When we came across your blog, we knew no other photographer would be able to represent us like you. I am totally blown away by how incredible these images are, they take me right back there and i can feel all the love and energy that made that day so magical. You captured it perfectly. You honestly have such a talent and I will cherish these photos forever. Not only did you manage to go way beyond our expectations but we truly feel we have found a friend for life! You are an amazing guy all round and have such a creative eye, it is unbelievable! I can’t thank you enough, but hopefully a few cocktails will scratch the surface of how grateful I am!
Lots of love, Tina

I don’t know what to say Damo. Barely have we got over the excitement of the wedding and you present us with this. It’s like being back there again. This was the greatest day and I’m grateful that I can say, because of you, I’ll never forget exactly how great it was. Every picture tells another story and I can’t believe just how spectacular a job you’ve done. Of course you’re correct, Tina is probably every photographers dream, but you’ve worked miracles with me.
As your blog states, friends for life. No one can do something this amazing for others and expect anything less. You are an amazing talent and a brilliant bloke. I look forward to seeing you soon and buying you a much deserved pint.
Your friend
Tina & Jamie

Damo what can I say, you came recommended by a trusted friend and the moment we chatted I knew you were the man for our wedding. The pictures your have created have captured so many amazing moments, it’s takes real skill to do this and you have provided a stunning illustration to our special day. You are one cool dude and I am so glad you were part of our special day nipping in and out of the shadows with your camera’s. Words cannot say how thankful me and Anne are and I cannot recommend you enough! I know you are already super busy but after this wedding you will certainly be getting many more new clients and opportunities to create your magical touches at. You were the true Prince of Peckforton! X
Ant & Anne

Damian what can I say??? I didn’t think you could top our Engagement shoot but you have done it!!!! Absolutely amazing! You have captured our day so beautifully I can’t thank you enough! You are a GENIUS!!!!!! ❤️ X
Matt & Adam

Wedding photographs can be a bit “samey”, following a rather traditional pattern that has been established over the years, but more adventurous, possibly risky (given the importance of the occasion!) approaches are being increasingly taken, occasionally wandering into almost abstract territory. Damian’s approach is far from conventional, focusing on the principal subjects and their day rather than the occasion itself, spending time getting to know what makes them tick, what is important to them etc… The result? Well, to my mind, as father of this particular bride, he has applied a magical touch that has very effectively taken far more than an image. Each frame has captured and recorded the emotion, humour, fun, meaning of each moment in a way that will provide instant recall of the warmth and uniqueness of that day every time we look at them. Some of the shots are unusual, perhaps quirky but nonetheless delightful, as they recored some moments that otherwise might go unnoticed- unposed children taken at unusual angles…..and what about his shots of the eyes?.. amazing. Thanks Damo… Masterful
Adriano (brides father): 

Damo, the moment we saw examples of your work, we knew that we wanted/NEEDED! You to photograph our big day but until yesterday we had no idea just how amazingly talented you really are….Just from looking at your preview on the blog shows how you managed to capture the emotion of each part of our day in just one shot and it just takes us back every time we see them- Powerful stuff!!

You were never afraid to mix it up and take risks, nothing felt staged or ‘posed’ and we always felt 100% comfortable and happy! We will never forget diving the fences and running through the grass before the sun went down to get the perfect shots!!!

You were never still and you picked up on all the tiny details that even we missed!We truly believe that our day wouldn’t be the same without you…You are EVERYTHING that a bride wants in a photographer- always in control but an extremely calming influence!

You gave us the opportunity to take a step back and breathe.. enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the day.We totally forgot you were there taking snaps, you felt like one of the family, everyone felt at ease and you really are a true gent.From coming into a small room full of screeching women and keeping your cool, to taking my wedding dress for ‘wallkies’ for a perfect shot (the only person in the world I trusted with it)- says A LOT!!!!!

You always kept your cool!!!!!!In Gennaro’s own words you are a ‘magician!’Just can’t find the words to explain how much this has meant to us, can’t wait to see the rest….. God knows how we will choose.Any bride or groom who doesn’t have you on their day is missing out!!Love you Damo!!!!
Gennaro & Sarah

Oh gosh Damo you’ve just made me cry on my honeymoon looking at these! You’ve captured everything from the day itself; how much fun we had with our family and mates, how chilled the vibe was getting ready at home in the morning, the beauty of our amazing city, even all the little touches I created with a glue gun when Andy was asleep on the sofa in the weeks leading up to the wedding! Hehe.Thank you so much for getting every single memorable moment without being intrusive or pushy and instead charming the whole guest list. They all love you as much as we do, and now they love your work too. The day went in such a flash but we’ve remembered so much now we’ve seen your pictures.Amazing, beautiful creative gorgeousness, thank you again matey!xxxx
Rachel & Andy

Damo, where to start!? Looking at these images makes me wonder if any other photographer stands a chance with you on the scene. Its true I know a good frame and I’m also lucky enough to be paid to view this vibrant world of ours through lenses, but you’ve blown my mind with your work. Full of charisma, charm and honesty your craft is just awesome. You’ve captured our day better than we could have ever hoped and with such attentiveness. Ella Simmons was told by a friend recently that she’d get married all over again just to have you there capturing their day and its no wonder, we’re completely in love with these pictures and they’ll continue to tell our story over and over again. Top man, ridiculously brilliant skills and our friend! All our love and appreciation

Damo. We have literally been sat here trying to find the words to sum up the images you have producers and your presence at our special day. ‘Creative/quirky/talented/a frickin magician with a camera’ but nothing We say could do it justice. You are truly magnificent at what you do. You are an artist through and through. Everything that we wanted to be captured on our day you did and not only that you capture the spirit and soul of the day. I beam when I see them. There was so much laughter on the day and you captured all of that. Then there is the beauty of the special moments you got without even knowing you were there. And all of this whilst getting right amongst it all and being part of the wedding party. Dude you were fun fun fun to have with us, a gent, a delight, an absolute pleasure and a true professional. We don’t even know where to start to begin to thank you. Dude big love! The best picture blog I have ever seen. Xxx
Claire & Mike

Damian your talent exceeds you, you truly are the most amazing photographer in the world. Crying my eyes out here looking through our memories of my most favourite day ever & you have captured everything & have shown exactly who myself & Alex are, these photos are amazing, in fact I don’t think amazing is a good enough word for what you have done here, I’ve always known I wanted you as our photographer & you’ve gone above & beyond to tell our magical story! Hats off to you Damian, you have the most natural talent when it comes to photography you really are THE BEST!!! So glad you got to share our day not only as a photographer but as our friend too!! Damian thank you, thank you, thank you! P.S. As if Gary Barlow came to our wedding!! Hahaha xxx
Anita & Alex

Damian, what can we say? The picture you have painted of our magical day has totally surpassed all our expectations. Our day would not have been the same without you, your charm, friendliness and creativeness, not to mention your infectious personality. You didn’t feel like our photographer, you felt like a good friend who we couldn’t wait to share memories with. By being your true self, you made not only us feel at ease, but our friends and family. This together made your photographs stand head and shoulders above the rest. It’s a true testament to yourself that whist reminiscing about our wedding you pop up in most conversations and for all the right reasons.

Thank you for helping us make magical memories. Your photographs reflect love, laughter and emotion and we are eternally grateful.
Lucy and Wes xx

There were times in the day when I could hear clicking but didn’t spot you straight away. It seems you are a man who is willing to lay prostate on the floor, perch on a branch or climb on top of buildings to get the perfect angle. But it is not only about capturing a great picture, it is about deciding how to reproduce it, crop it, juxtapose it. This is an art more than a science. It is something that cannot be learnt. It is an art form you have perfected. Thank you!! Big love, Stephen.

To say we are pleased with the shoot is an understatement. As always Damo has delivered. We booked our wedding day around you and not a venue and from the looks of these, this decision was a sound one. Your reportage style together with your unassuming manner makes for a very natural and chilled day. Within 10 minutes of being with us you’d think you were one of our guests.
You have captured the emotion and left us with priceless memories of our magical day. The Bridesmaids in the car is a shot I now have the pleasure of seeing. My mothers uncontrollable laughing face. My sideward glance as Rose reaches the altar, to name just a few. All the things you easily forget or go unnoticed.
Can’t recommend this guy’s work high enough. A pleasure to share our day with you pal.
Anyone thinking of using him should get a slot in his diary sorted now before he hits the well deserved ‘big-time’. Top job Damian we look forward to seeing the rest of the shots.
Steven & Rose

Well, what can I say?! We spent so long looking at the blogs of your other weddings and dreaming of what ours would look like, but these have surpassed our expectations. You have captured the day in the most beautiful way, and looking back over them again makes us feel so emotional. The sense of love, family, laughter and intimacy comes through in all the shots – and that’s exactly what the day was all about. We will treasure them forever. We can’t wait to see the full set…. Can’t believe this is just a small selection of what is to come! Bring it on! And to all the brides-to-be out there – start getting excited: you’ve found your dream photographer, and a great mate. xx
Catherine & Adam

To the best photographer and now friend, Damian, We cannot thank you enough for these pictures. You are an absolute dream and it was a pleasure to have you at our wedding. The whole wedding party were talking about how amazing you were the following day at the pool party. I cannot wait to see the full set of snaps. We salute you!!
Love from The Cascalfes!

Damian, what can we say, the pictures are beyond stunning! You have such an amazing talent for capturing the small details and big emotions. We wouldn’t have expected anything less though, you put us at ease throughout and made the whole process of being photographed a fun one. It was an absolute pleasure to have you be such a huge part of our big day, you were so much more than a photographer and is true testimony to you that you still feature in so many of our conversations about the day. You truly captured all our hearts that day, if only we could do it all over again! Massive thanks & much love,
Lou and Jonny 

How can one man take all these amazing images which capture the emotion and atmosphere of the day so very perfectly?! Damo you really are ridiculously talented we LOVE these pics sooo much thank you cxx
Jemma & Mark

Wowzers Damian! Absolutely stunned! This was the best day of our live’s and we feel so privileged to have had you as our wedding photographer to capture our special day. I’m so happy right now and in total awe looking back at all the beautiful shots you took of us and our dear friends and family, they are just magical!
We had so much fun with you and couldn’t wish for a better result. It’s so lovely seeing all the moments of the wedding from a different view point. I love the portraits of Sam and I and all the motion shots captured whilst we were rocking it out on the dance floor all night.
All your photographs portray our perfect day with such beauty. You have a very rare talent behind that lens and are a lovely person to know and work with, we are very blessed and really can’t thank you enough, you are the best!
All our love Mr & Mrs Archer X

What an amazing talented guy you are, these pictures are incredible. I have to say a massive thank you from the moment we got in touch and had a beer we knew you wouldn’t let us down and you have made our wedding day the best day of our lives and one we will never forget thanks to your amazing work…..Anyone thinking of getting in contact with Damian I highly recommend him but be quick as this guy is gone be booked up for a very long time! Thank you so much xxxx
Ian & Natalie

Damo, super-hero, and now friend. I love the photos so so much. You have captured every moment of the day, and did so with style and without us knowing. I cannot believe how creative the shots are. I love the photos ! It was like having another great friend at the wedding. I think you are just wonderful, and so talented. I cannot thank you enough…
x x Ayse x x

Damo, we don’t know where to begin! You are so talented and made such an effort to capture our day the way we wanted. You didn’t stop all day (and night!) and couldn’t do enough for us both.
We’ve had so many comments from guests to say how great you were and they’re absolutely right.Choosing you as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made and we can’t thank you enough!
Best wishes,
Charlene & Simon xxx

Amazing!!! Loving every single pic ???? I wish it was Saturday all over again!!! You truly are so talented, and not only that a warm man with a lovely heart and a great eye! …. We can’t thank you enough. Pleasure to have you part of our day –
Imogen & Ben 


Damo!!!!! Wow wow wow!!! You have taken my breath away I never in my wildest dreams expected such amazing pictures you did me and dan proud from 8am till late you worked your socks off everyone commented in how amazing you were from working really hard to how trendy you looked you did me proud can’t wait for the rest thank you so much – Zozo

How are we meant to even begin appraising this? Probably a picture of the size of our goosebumps would wrap this up nicely, but we have not got a Damian to take a picture. We knew we were in for a treat, nothing could have prepared us for this! Damo it’s been a delight having you around, relentless pro, passion and creativity perspiring from every pore, framed by relentless professionalism. We loved having you around – thank you Alex and Katie
Allesandro & Katie

How can one man take all these amazing images which capture the emotion and atmosphere of the day so very perfectly?! Damo you really are ridiculously talented we LOVE these pics sooo much thank you cxx
Jemma & Mark

 Damian, I have one word and that’s very unlike me ‘WOW’. The pictures have far surpassed all of our expectations, if that’s possible. We wanted them to tell a story and they most certainly do. You were amazing on the day too, up for fun but never intrusive and you even made my Husband (Still can’t get used to that!) enjoy having his photo taken – a very hard task but your fun loving and relaxed nature made it enjoyable. All of our guests commented on your amazingness too! I can’t thank you enough for helping to tell our love story xx
Katie and Stephen

Wow! Don’t even know where to begin commenting on this. We were so excited to see some of our photo’s and this blog certainly didn’t disappoint! From the second we got engaged I knew exactly who I wanted to be our photographer. For as long as I can remember now I have found myself consistently in awe of your work. Damo, you captured the most special and intimate moments perfectly! We have both laughed and cried reliving our day, and are honoured that you could be a part of it. The service you provided from start to finish was both professional and efficient, yet friendly and full of your usual ‘manc charm!’ We had full trust in you and it well and truly paid off, we felt at ease around you and so did our guests (even when you told us we were going for a walk in a field! Evidence that you are a natural talent who can take a seemingly ordinary background and create absolutely stunning portraits). Cannot begin to thank you enough, the memories will be treasured always. To think that there are more images still to come is amazing, as I am already blown away! Would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody in need of a photographer, we couldn’t imagine anybody else being a part of our wedding. My only regret is that we can’t do it all again. You should be so proud of your work, thank you! Love Kelly and Andrew xx
Kelly & Andrew

Damo, We are just sat at the departure lounge laughing and crying! We had the most spectacular day, one I’d want to relive forever – and looking at these we are half way there. Along with Mr Red the flower magician you have completely blown us away and it’s only the mini blog!!! You’re truly amazing and extremely talented – we can’t thank you enough for capturing ‘us’ and giving us something to cherish for years to come I’m now of to have another happy cry Xxxxx
Clare & Chris

Wow!!! My day was absolutely perfect in every way, and now I have these to remember it by! My photos were such an important part of my day and I was so excited about having you take them, we are blown away! From getting ready to our first dance, you made us feel at ease and we completely trusted you…..however crazy your instruction!!!! You have such a talent. Perfect memories of a perfect day!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!xxx

Damian, you are a rare talent. Weddings are fantastic but multi-dimensional things. You have the rare ability to capture the character and joy of the occasion. I have never been a fan of having my photo taken, but you made me feel at ease when it came to the curated shots. But there are many pictures in this blog that I didn’t even notice you were taking.

Damian Brandon there isn’t very often a time when I am speechless but I don’t even have the words to explain how beautiful these pictures are. They are everything Shaun Gurney and I could of hoped for and then some. You have captured our relationship perfectly here and we couldn’t be happier that you shared our day with us. Thank you from the bottom of hearts for not only being the most talented photographer but also an absolute gem of a guy. You are amaze xxxxxxx
Alex & Shaun