I have been so so lucky this year shooting weddings up and down the UK, travelling overseas to beautiful countries and hanging out with such incredible people.

Most importantly I have loved, laughed, cried, danced the night away with so many beautiful bride and grooms this year, their families and friends, it really is hard to think that this is an actual job, after quite a few years doing this now, the passion burns stronger then ever and I don’t think it will ever stop, I yearn to learn more very year and stay at the top of my game.

I thank you all for trusting me and letting me be part of your incredible adventures – Love to all and I hope you enjoy this look back. 


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lovely use of light and mood. really beautiful images

Claudia Rose Carter

Oh Damo. I’ve been patiently working through all of the 2018 posts in the hope I would finally reach yours, and it didn’t disappoint. As every single other year, you just have this thing that can’t be replicated. So unique my friend. x

Your work stands out so much Damian. It’s absolutely captivating; raw and classic in equal measure and feels like it carries the gravity of great photography inside and outside weddings. So good. Really enjoy following your work.

WOW! This did not disappoint Damo! Your use of light and vision is second to none, I genuinely feel as though I’m there in each and every frame. Beyond wonderful.

Knew it would be epic dude. You see and capture light like no one else, and the moments you capture, perfection!

Gasp! I went back and back and back again… these images are cinematic, evocative, humorous, emotive and feel like paintings. Light is your thing but also your ability to witness love and be around people. Just utterly captivating, this is art. Thanks for inspiring me and hope we meet up this year. This vision of yours is so precious keep being brave x

Absolutely brilliant work Damian – This was a joy to look through, your work is timelessly beautiful. Bravo.

Your a master of that moody low light my man! Timeless, northern cool! Favourites: The bride taking a drag before she gets in the car and that twilight portrait in the pine forest is IMMENSE!!!

Yep, as expected! Beautiful, creative, timeless art. Too many favourites! Love it dude. x

Cinematic bliss! Wonderful work fella. All the best for 2019!

Love your vision dude and your use of light is amazing. So many shots that look like paintings. Seriously impressive stuff! I hope 2019 is ready for you as I suspect you’re going to be going hard!

Bravo Damo👏 What a year of amazing shots. It was an absolute pleasure having you with us on our day and what a talent you are. Love every shot you captured. Congrats on a top year x

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