Well I guess I am a little late to the party after a crazy Christmas and New Year and the most mental wedding year to date but I have managed to reflect on such an amazing year with so many amazing bride and grooms.

Each year I challenge myself to improve my craft as this is what fuels my fire, to be the best I can be for my clients and to give 100% in everything I do, it’s a passion and finally I am starting to realise just how I like to shoot wedding photography, we all perceive it in different ways, we all have our own styles, for me it’s the quieter moments, the real moments, the soul, the love, the emotion of it and finding the good light is all what I strive to capture when shooting a wedding, that’s what it’s all about for me – just stripped back raw moments!!

I have still a good few weddings to edit but here are some of my favourite shots of the year, thanks to all the brides and groom’s, their family and friends for all their support, for all the insane presents/messages of thanks and for all the wedding suppliers I have made friends with over the years!!

You all rock and I wish you the best for 2017!!

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Dude, your use of light is second to none! Love how you spot the little moments too (like the dude holding his false teeth, haha!

Great set mate.

Apologies my friend only just had time to sit down to this gem of a roundup! This is STRONG dude – loads of fantastic moments and epic portraits in there! One of my faves is the bride on her own side lit in the room – love it ;O) You’re are one of the best and nicest dudes in this industry have a blast in 2017 Damo! xx

One word! Wow ????

Seriously Damo, give the rest of us a chance? These are epic and beautiful in equal measure. Sensational (as standard). James.

I was a guest of one of best friends wedding (Laura and Dan) and had heard so many good things about your work from a previous wedding you did.
I am so blown away by their photo’s and others on your blog – you are such a talented man with unique ways, tones, perfect gentleman, captured every moment in their day, is always around when needed, such a laugh and nothing is too much trouble.

I only wished I found you for our wedding day in 2012.

If anyone was to have a photographer, it would be you. I will be sure to recommend you!

Damo keep going man! Big congrats on your fantastic blog and all the best for 2017!!

Yeyyyyy we made the the cut ????????????love ya xxx

Yeah man……such a lovely, lovely set! They all have that amazing peaceful energy that really grabs me…and your tones are on point buddy! Lets sink a few beers this year. x

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