Best Wedding Photography Favourites – 2019 | Love, Light, Heart & Soul :

Well what a wonderful year 2019 was, another crazy rollercoaster of so many beautiful weddings, I think what I have liked about this year is that I have travelled up and down the country so many times, living out of hotels, exploring the cities and it’s given me so many more creative opportunities to explore and the fact also I have shot much more 35mm film and medium format film too which I think suits my style of photography.

I love timeless, elegant imagery and shooting film seems to amplify that and I will be shooting much more in 2020, I will also be introducing Super 8 to weddings so look out for that.

Most importantly I have loved, laughed, cried, danced the night away with so many beautiful bride and grooms this year, their families and friends, it really is hard to think that this is an actual job, the passion burns stronger then ever and I don’t think it will ever stop, I yearn to learn more very year and stay at the top of my game.

2020 see’s me shoot another 40 weddings up and down the country, jetting to Italy, Greece and hopefully Paris to shoot wonderful weddings.

I thank you all for trusting me and letting me be part of your incredible adventures – Love to all and I hope you enjoy this look back. 

Damian x

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You’re a very talented man Damo! brilliant.

Wow what a year! Stunning set of images guys.

so distinctively you! I adore this round up!! so bold and yet delicate at the same time

Beautiful. Timeless elegance with tons of soul. My favourites are the film shots or the ones with a bit of movement. The First shot is epic and the guys walkin the streets are perfect. Big luv and respect dude and all the best this year! x

Fantastically high standard, loved looking through these.

Unique and timeless as ever dude. Always look forward to your end of year post, another cracker!!

Claudia Rose Carter

Always such an inspiration mate, these are sublime as ever.

DUDE!!! always love that sultry mood in your work. Its cinematic but also honest and stylish and full of energy. Basically Im a huge fan Damo and although we say this EVERY year….this year we WILL meet and drink beers!!!!

Love how cinematic a lot of your work is Damian. So cool! Here’s to an equally epic 2020.

Always LOVE looking through your work dude. Looking at this set was a wonderfully absorbing experience, feeling like I’d stepped into a movie for much of it. Stunning and brilliantly unique work!

Blown away by this post. Always super inspiring looking through your work. I now wanna play with a slow shutter speed.

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