Just back from the Lakes where I was lucky enough to have shot this beautiful wedding for Abi & Guy on Saturday, never have ever I met such a welcoming genuine couple (and I have met lots) – these guys just melted me in every way, crazy wedding friends too and WOW what a party in the evening – IT WENT OFF with the super talented New orleans band lifting the roof off and the party carried on outside in deathly cold temperatures with all the wedding party’raving’ on the hills – absolute class and crazy to boot!!

Thanks for looking after me too and massive credit to the guys at Knipe Hall who are amazing and the venue is just class – I would shoot here again in a heartbeat!!!!

Here is just a few frames from the day – Massive love for all you guys x

Photographer info: All shot with the Leica Q & Leica M9


Band – Mr Wilsons Second Liners
Food – Didsbury Events
Catering – Simon Connolly & Kylie Hinchcliffe
Flowers – Greenwheat
Venue – Knipe Hall
Pizza – Peddlers Pizza
Make Up – Definitions Mobile Beauty

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Great shoots! They look fabulous.

Fantastic photos,loved looking at them. Really original!

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