Here is the beautiful wedding story of Tina & Jamie and the incredible Owen House Wedding barn, from meeting the ridiculously stunning Tina & Jamie over a coffee I knew this wedding was just going to one of those weddings that I never wanted to end, even 12 hrs later I was still loving every minute, I love to do cool poetic cinematic portraits as well as all the natural documentary work throughout the day and this couple just had too much natural love that no direction really was needed, it was beautiful to see and you guys made my job so much easier and for quite possible being the two nicest guys I have ever met (not to mention super stunning – jeez, I don’t know who’s pushing there weight here to be honest ;))

I love you guys and thanks for all for making me so welcome – Damo xx!!

Big shout out to my good talented friends Vanilla in Allseason’s who’s food is just out of this world and always a pleasure to see those guys, so many other great suppliers on board with this one so they only deserve to be credited 

And last but not least to Dan and his team at Owen House, incredible crew who always look after me and Dan my friend, thanks so much for the white knuckle rides in the jeep and making this ‘bonty’ happen – it was just perfect timing!!

See you soon

Venue: Owen House Wedding Barn
Flowers: Flowers on the Cobbles
Makeup: Ariana Rose Makeup
Band: The Founding Fathers
Dress: Joyce Young” from “Boutique Joyce Young London.
Headpiece: By Harriet
Day caterers: Vanilla all seasons
Evening food: Artisan Pizza Company
Cake: Custom Cakes Crewe

late that evening……….


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Earlier that morning…….

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Sandra Sibbald

Damian, these photos are just brilliant, what a wonderful day we all had and now we have your brilliant photos as a constant reminder! felt like you were one of the family and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!
Love Sandra
(Jamie’s mum!) xxx

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